Useful Books

This is a bibliography of some useful technical books on Minors. Check the club library as some of them are available for members to borrow. The books are not in any particular order.


Skilleter Paul, “Morris Minor”, Osprey, 1989

Pressnell Jon, “Morris Minor, Exploring the legend”, Haynes, 1998

McKellar Richard, “Morris Minor – One in a Million”

Porter Lindsay, “The guide to purchase and DIY restoration Morris Minor and 1000”, Haynes, 1992.

Porter Lindsay, “The car bodywork repair manual”, Haynes, 1991

These are good “hands on” books.

Practical Classics, “Morris Minor restoration, Brooklands Books, 1980.

A collection of articles detailing the complete rebuild of a Minor.

Newell Ray, Original Morris Minor, Bay View Books. 1993.

The bible for anyone restoring a car to original. Provides complete specs for all models as well as being an excellent coffee table book.


Haynes J.H, “Morris Minor owners workshop manual”, Haynes, 1987

Wade G.R, “SU carburettorsTuning tips and techniques”, Brooklands Books, 1994


Vizard David, “How to modify your mini”, Regent Publishing Services, 1999

Much of this is not relevant but the engine sections are interesting. See the book below for more details.

Vizard David, “Tuning the A series engine”, Haynes Publishing, 1999.

A brand new edition released 2000, absolutely brilliant and a must have for anyone modifying an A series engine.