We have formed a NZ wide register of the Series MM Low light car. We have also included a link, wherever possible, to a photo of each car and a brief history.
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It is not necessary that the car is running, or even in good condition – we would like to build up a practical list of all cars in New Zealand to share information and assist in any sourcing of parts, restoration tips, or details of originality.

NameLocationYearTypeChassis #About
Mike FeltonUteFirst ute registered in NZ? Currently under restoration
Adrian HopwoodAuckland1948Green 2 door car5140
Morris Minor GarageHarcourt19482 Door car1270
Scott BarracloughSydney West Island1948Beige 2 door car1228
Allan Mollison1949Light green/black 2 door carSMM 21139
Ally StephensNapier1949Romain Green 2 door car23268
C & J PattersonParaparaumu1949Gold 2 door car15538
David GreensladeChristchurch1949Green 2 door car5148
Ivan HornWanganui1949Red 2 door car8244
John and Rosie NortonTaranaki1949Blue 2 door car21039
Lance SheppardAuckland1949Burgandy Tourer30260
M & D WestInvercargill1949Cream Convertible8472
Matthew and Carol MarshallWellington1949Black 2 door car23376
Mike BrodieKatikati1949White 2 door car8177
Now soldThames1949Green 2 door car21439
Peter de HaanHotikika1949Green 2 door car8334
Phil ClementsAuckland1949Romain green 2 door car8152
Ron KempAuckland1949Seirra Beige 2 door car5445
Allan Mollison1949Green MM 2 door sedanSMM/5436
Les ChynowethEdgecombe1949Grey 2 door sedanSMM 8482
Stephen HindsOamaru1949Romain Green Tourer1423Very early tourer from January 1949. Found complete in 2018 in Timaru and is now halfway through a full restoration. Returning it to its Romain green colour.
Earl and Jeanette Greaney1950Cream 2 door car23367
Murray PriceHamilton1950Torquise 2 door car75802
Neale ThompsonBrisbane West Island1950Maroon 2 door car48006
A DonaghyCromwell1951White 2 door car56852
Adrian HopwoodAuckland1951Red Convertible114228
Charles WilliamsonKatikati19512 Door car57343
Frederick BroughOamaru1951Beige 2 door car68094
Gilbert RobertsChristchurch1951Rose Taupe 2 door car75334
Giles WilliamsNew Plymouth1951Black 2 door car66219
Ian & Linda HaydenMorrinsville1951Red 2 door car49808
Jim MacDonaldTimaru1951Red two door car57015
John WilsonNapier1951Larch Green 2 door car106516
Richard CardiffNew Plymouth19512 Door car57043
Stephen HindsOamaru1951Blue 2 door car76379
Tori CollinsWaikato1951Grey 4 door car85414
Darryl RayUpper Hutt1951Blue MM series 2 door high light model114066
Mark & Sheila MastersStratford1952Empire Green Convertible138887
Peter & Linda LinternWhangamata1952Black 2 door series MM high light car118105
Kevin Luck1955Light blue 4 door carFAH 55 / 214885Series II, it is in running condition but is currently unregistered with no paperwork or registration plates other than a sales receipt from the previous owner.
Travis Robertson1956Baby blue 4 door sedan"Chuck Morris"
Gwyneth Macdonald1960Blue sedan
Jeremy Cole-BakerAuckland1961Dark blue 4 door car, modifiedM/AS3 904359Lightly modified with Morris Marina 1275 engine and running gear
Chris Eblett1962Green 4 door sedanMAS3/933191It was my first car when I was 15 years old. I had it for 4 years, I found it on car jam last week and bought it back 50 years later, I'm as excited as a I was when I was 15, maybe a little more to be honest, still very tidy, original plates and ownership papers 🙂
Raewyn & Mark RobertsonAuckland1970Green Ute
Heather CheerSouth Waikato1957Blue 4 door sedan, 948cc. FAH 55/446404NZ new.
Originally belonged to my Great Uncle Neil, then re-purchased by my Father many years later in 2011. I inherited the car after his passing in 2014.
Kelvin LowePicton1949MM TourerSMM5454Has 1098 engine which is seized. Needs a new paint job otherwise in good condition. Red with Black convertible top. Hoping to get her back on the road next year. Last WOF 2002.
Kevin TrassWhangārei1957UteOGH 55/47364I believe it was part of the Roy Savage collection. Colour green; Wilco body; E/n H12209
Pacey GroobyMotueka1951Blue 2 door car1951 Morris Minor 918cc, Lowlight, Split windscreen, Blue 2-Door
Allan MollisonMataura1950Series MM saloonSMM 36518Series MM saloon, Rolls Royce burgundy
William BoonTairua1952Morris Minor MMSMM 130477Almond Green 1952 Morris Minor MM
Eli StephensNapierBlue/Grey
Willie ChristieAshburton1954UteOGH/55 7317Dark green flat deck ute