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History of the Auckland Morris Minor Car Club Inc

The Morris Minor Car Club of New Zealand Inc 1977 to 1996

The Morris Minor Car Club scene began in New Zealand in 1977, when three men Stan Hunte, Barry Wrightson and Graeme Wrightson decided to form a Car Club for this “little car”, as after investigating, they discovered that none existed in New Zealand . Unknown to them, at the same time, clubs were springing up in various countries around the world. In time of course they came into contact with one another.

So the first Morris Minor Car Club was up and running and in that initial year some 25 people joined

It grew slowly, but in 1981 during a visit from Nick Harding of the Bath Morris Minor Centre, a double page article on the Morris Minor appeared in a Sunday Newspaper which contained a photo of a nude lady atop a Minor (no, not a club member). Well needless to say membership doubled to 60 in a short space of time and peaked at 195 in 1987.

As happens occasionally, the leadership and thus the direction, of a club changes, and as a result, in 1989 a breakaway group of Morris enthusiasts formed another club.

Auckland Morris Minor Enthusiasts Club 1989 to 1996

On Sunday 31st July 1989 the Auckland Morris Enthusiasts Club was born.

Other Clubs were also appearing around New Zealand at this time, but independently of each other.

This club organized a national event in 1990 to raise funds for Telethon and organized the 1993 Convention held in Auckland after becoming an affiliated member of the newly formed NZ Morris Minor Federation.


NZ Morris Minor Federation Inc. 1991 to Present

The idea of a convention was mooted by the Waikato Club (now defunct) and in 1990 the first one was hosted by them. At the second one, the following year, the NZ Morris Minor Federation Inc was born and since then Annual Conventions have been held at Taranaki, Tauranga, Auckland, Wellington, South Canterbury, Rotorua, a 50th Golden Jubilee of the Morris Minor was held at Tatum Park, Otaki and since then further conventions have been held at Nelson, Dunedin, Wanganui, Christchurch, Gisborne, Invercargill, Masterton, Timaru, New Plymouth, Paeroa, Christchurch, and Hamilton.

Usually up to a hundred cars register at these conventions the aim of which is to keep up the standard of the Morris Minor in New Zealand and are held alternatively in the North and South Islands . The Federation at the present time consists of 10 Affiliated Clubs - Auckland , Central Manawatu, Rotorua, Taranaki, Wellington , Top of the South, Canterbury , South Canterbury , Otago and Southland.



Auckland Morris Minor Car Club Inc 1996 to Present

During the early 1990’s the two Auckland Clubs which had split in 1989, were both in decline, a matter of “united we stand divided we fall” and with rapidly falling membership in both Clubs, meetings were held to discuss recombining the membership of the two Clubs.

In May 1996 the Auckland Morris Minor Car Club became an Incorporated Society and the merger was completed and despite some early teething troubles, the new Club has settled down and was able to enter the new Millennium in a much stronger position and hopefully the Morris Minor will survive for another, 50 Years.



The other reason that we are able to maintain a steady membership is that, while out of town members may not be able to participate in monthly outings, they enjoy keeping up, with what is happening, through our monthly News Connection newsletter.


Auckland Morris Minor Car Club Incorporated

Office Holders


to 31-Mar



Minute Secretary Membership Secretary
Club Captain
No.of Members
1997Alison MehaffyRon Murgatroyd
Paul Steffensen
1998Alison Mehaffy Doreen Attwood Ana Squire
Paul Steffensen
1999Alison Mehaffy Ted Dixon Ana Squire
Steve Moon
2000John Chambers Ted Dixon Martine Fremaux Steve Moon
2001John Chambers Ted Dixon Martine Fremaux Steve Moon
2002John Chambers Ted Dixon Ana Squire Ted Dixon
2003John Chambers Ted Dixon Ana Squire Ted Dixon Richard Mason
2004John Chambers Ted Dixon Ana Squire Ted Dixon Phil Clements
2005John Chambers Ted Dixon Ana Squire Ted Dixon Phil Clements
2006John Chambers Ted Dixon John Watkins Ted Dixon Phil Clements
2007John Chambers Ted Dixon John Watkins Ted Dixon Phil Clements
2008VacantTed Dixon John Watkins Ted Dixon Phil Clements
2009John Watkins Ted DixonMary EyreTed DixonPhil Clements
2010John Watkins Ted DixonMary EyreTed Dixon
Derek Goddard
2011John Watkins Ted DixonMary EyreTed DixonDerek Goddard
2012John Watkins Ted DixonBruce HatrickTed DixonDerek Goddard
2013Bryan Parker Derek GoddardLucy Lloyd-BarkerDerek GoddardColin Keesing
2014Bryan Parker Derek GoddardPauline Keesing Derek GoddardColin Keesing
2015Bryan Parker Derek GoddardPauline KeesingPauline KeesingColin Keesing
2016Bryan Parker Derek GoddardPauline KeesingPauline KeesingColin Keesing
2017Bryan Parker Derek GoddardPauline KeesingPauline KeesingColin Keesing
2018Dave Jones Derek GoddardPauline KeesingPauling KeesingCherie Nicholson
2019Dave Jones Derek Goddard Pauline Keesing Pauline Kessing Cherie Nicholson

However it is the “small car that embodies big car features”, that will probably outlast us all.

Our Club has an extensive library of MORRIS MINOR books and manuals for members to borrow, and receives many monthly newsletters from other clubs in New Zealand and around the world. We ourselves forward our magazine electronically in a pdf file to overseas clubs.

It is hard to put a figure on the exact number of MORRIS MINORS in New Zealand but it is believed that up to 70,000 arrived in the country or were assembled here by Dominion Motors, which later became NZ Motor Corporation. The car production stopped in 1963 but the vans and utilities were assembled until supplies ran out in 1974.

New Zealand Morris Minor registration status as at 31-May-12