Series MM details.

Please complete the following information. You may either print this page, and post to: 


Series MM, 

P.O. Box 29-216, 


Auckland 1344

or e-mail the details to If you write a story, or attach pictures please keep the entire file to under 100kb, as anything larger cannot be posted to this page.

Car Type: Convertible/ Car.


Registration number:




Date first registered if known.


Chassis Number:


Engine number:


Region in which you live:


Colour: (indicate if original)


Carpet colour:


Number of red stop lights:


Miles travelled (if known)


WOF. (yes / no).


Registered (yes/ no).


Mobile? (yes /no)


Condition (showroom, good, medium, poor, suitable for parts only): indicate if restored or original.


Number of owners:


Owned since (Year):


Modifications (indicators, engine variations, etc):


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